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Cristal Marie

~Writer. Pirate. Award Winning Singer. Renegade Otaku. Notorious Gourmand~

26 May 1986
I'm a singer, and an otaku. I'm a huge J-Rock fan (especially Gackt, Miyavi and L'arc En Ciel) and I even sang "Fragrance" at a Spanish TV show once... which is here:

SKIP TO MINUTE 1:35 (I still don't know how to edit videos, the moment I do I'll just cut out the part with "Fragrance" and maybe "La Vie En Rose" cause that's my grandmother's song) and uh, yeah, the lady was very polite given how she didn't understand anything I was singing and kept smiling at the camera ^_^

I'm auditioning for GLEE, visit my website (And the subsequent audition video) here: